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Adhesive Tape

A pack of clear Adhesive Tape.
From £3.00 excl tax

Anchor Tape

A reel of Anchor Tape.
From £1.55 excl tax

Clear Pot Tape

A clear reel of clear floristy Pot Tape.
£2.10 excl tax

Double Sided Fix Tape

A reel of double sided fix tape.
From £3.00 excl tax

Fix Adhesive Tack

A roll of Oasis fix adhesive tack.
From £1.50 excl tax


A box of Floratape floristry stem wrap.
£10.75 excl tax

Glue Gun

An electical Glue Gun with hot or cold melt.
From £20.00 excl tax

Glue Sticks

A bag of Low or High melt Glue Sticks.
From £8.00 excl tax

Green Pot Tape

Reels of green floristy Pot Tape.
From £0.75 excl tax

Liquid Floral Adhesive

A range of Floral Adhesive liquid.
£3.75 excl tax

Parafilm Tape

A box of 12 green Parafilm reels.
£20.00 excl tax £25.25 excl tax

Permanent Glue Dots

A box multi purpose glue dots.
£6.00 excl tax


A box of Stemtex floristry tape.
From £6.00 excl tax

Tack 2000 Spray Glue

A can of Spray Glue.
£8.50 excl tax

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