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Artificial Topiary Tree

Artificial topiary Bay trees in a choice of two sizes.
From £24.25 excl tax

Boxed Carnations

A box of artificial "open" single Carnation stems.
From £10.50 excl tax

Bucket Price Blackboards

A pack of chalk black board bucket labels.
From £8.25 excl tax

Large Porto Transporter Vase

A box of large Porto Transporter vases.
From £25.50 excl tax

Ostrich Feathers

A pack of coloured Ostrich Feathers.
From £10.00 excl tax

Pot Mum Basket

A natural wicker pot mum basket.
£1.25 excl tax

Rose Topiary Tree

An artificial topiary Rose tree.
£27.00 excl tax

Set Of 3 Country Baskets Unpeeled

A set of 3 unpeeled wicker country baskets.
£4.75 excl tax

Shiny Red Poly Ribbon

A reel of shiny satin Red poly ribbon.
£1.50 excl tax

Single Country Basket Peeled

A cream single country basket.
£1.50 excl tax

Single Country Basket Unpeeled

A dark brown single country basket.
£1.75 excl tax


A Stapler to hold 26/6 staples.
£7.50 excl tax

Waxed LED Tapered Candle

A LED battery operated tapered candle.
£6.00 excl tax

Poppy 3 Headed

An artificial field Poppy stem.
£1.25 excl tax

Single Poppy

An artificial Poppy stem.
£1.95 excl tax

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