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Chrysal Pro 3 Powder

A tub of Chrysal Powder flower food.
£12.00 excl tax

Chrysal Universal Liquid Sachets

A Chrysal liquid Flower Food sachets.
£11.75 excl tax

Chrysal Arrive Alive Bags

A box of Chrysal transport bouquet bags.
£31.50 excl tax

Chrysal Bonsai Food

A 250ml bottle of liquid Bonsai food.
£2.00 excl tax

Chrysal Bucket Cleaner

A bottle of Chrysal bucket cleaning solution.
£7.85 excl tax

Chrysal Clear Liquid Food Cut Flower

A 250ml bottle of clear liquid flower food.
£2.00 excl tax

Chrysal Dosing Unit

An automatic pump that can be plumbed into your water supply connected to a Chrysal drum.
£286.75 excl tax £335.00 excl tax

Chrysal ELITE Floral Foam Brick

A box of high quality floral Foam bricks.
£8.50 excl tax

Chrysal Fleur Vital Flower Food Special

A box of 1000 Chrysal Fleur Vital flower food sachets.
£12.50 excl tax

Chrysal Glory Spray

A spray or a drum of Chrysal Professional Glory.
From £4.95 excl tax

Chrysal Leafshine

A can of Chrysal Leafshine.
From £1.90 excl tax

Chrysal Orchid Feed Drips

A pack of 5 Orchid drip feeders.
£2.50 excl tax

Chrysal Orchid Food

A 250ml bottle of Orchid flower food.
£2.10 excl tax £1.50 excl tax

Chrysal T-Bag

A bucket of Chrysal Professional Solution T-Bags.
£13.50 excl tax

Plastic Bucket Insert

A plastic vase insert.
£1.25 excl tax

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