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50 LED Light Sets With Timer (Battery Operated)

A set of 50 battery operated LED lights on string with a timer in a range of colours.
From £4.25 excl tax

Battery Pack

A pack of 4 batteries in AA or AAA.
From £2.10 excl tax

Cell Batteries

A pack of small cell batteries.
£2.00 excl tax

LED Decor Lights (Battery Operated)

A set of battery operated LED lights in 10 or 20 bulbs.
From £2.50 excl tax

Remote Control For Light Bases

A remote control to control the light bases.
£3.00 excl tax

Remote Controlled Sumbersible Lights

A submersible waterproof light controlled by remote control.
£25.00 excl tax

Submersible Lights

A pack of submersible white lights.
£8.50 excl tax

LED Garland Lights

A pack of 220 multi action LED bulb lights on a long wire. Available in white and warm white.
From £11.25 excl tax

LED Crystal Lights

A string of LED lights decorated with hanging crystals.
£2.50 excl tax

LED Snake Lights

A string of 740cm long LED snake lights in a choice of white or warm white coloured bulbs.
From £8.85 excl tax

LED Snowflake Lights

A string of LED lights decorated with crystal snowflakes.
£1.50 excl tax

LED String Ball Lights

A string of LED string ball lights.
£2.25 excl tax

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