New products

Hanging Amaranthus

A realistic stem of hanging Amaranthus. Available in green or red.
From £4.25 excl tax

Farrah Zinc Milk Churn

A large zinc milk churn with rope handles.
£11.75 excl tax

Mini Zinc Milk Churn

A small zinc milk churn.
£1.35 excl tax

Angled Zinc Jug

A plain zinc jug with an angled opening.
£5.00 excl tax

Butterfly Jugs

A selection of pastel coloured zinc jugs.
From £4.50 excl tax

Butterfly Churns

A selection of pastel coloured large zinc milk churns.
From £8.25 excl tax

Birthday Balloon - Tropical

A 18" Happy Birthday foil balloon.
£1.10 excl tax

Rainbow Foil Balloon Numbers

A 34" rainbow coloured foil balloon number shape.
From £3.50 excl tax

Mallakam Metal Tray

A metal tray on a wooden stand.
From £14.00 excl tax

Wreath Carrizo

A woven ring in a choice of 2 colours and sizes.
From £3.75 excl tax

ECO Biodegradable Cellophane

A roll of 100% Recyclable, Biodegradable and compostable cellophane flower wrap. Available in clear and white dot.
From £11.50 excl tax

Vesuvian Urn

A fibre glass Vesuvian urn in a range of different sizes.
From £2.75 excl tax

Plastic Roman Urn

A tough plastic white Roman urn in a 2 sizes. Perfect material to paint the colour of your choice.
From £10.75 excl tax

20cm Hat Box

A single hat box with a black ribbon handle. Available in soft grey and tiffany blue.
From £6.85 excl tax

Rose Gold Metal Pedestal

A rose gold metal square pedestal able to have an arrangement on both the top and bottom.
From £53.00 excl tax

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