Smithers Oasis

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Acrylic Celebration Dish

An acrylic Celebration Dish in a range of sizes.
From £0.75 excl tax

Acrylic Cylinder

An Acrylic Cylinder vase
£3.25 excl tax

Acrylic Hand Tied Vases - Red

A red Acrylic Hand Tied vase in 2 sizes.
From £1.75 excl tax

Acrylic Metallic Hand Tied Vases

A metallic Acrylic Waisted Hand Tied Vase.

Birch Wooden Slices

A natural Birch slice.
From £4.75 excl tax

Bleached White Raffia

A bag of white Raffia.
£7.50 excl tax

Cellophane - Frosted

A roll of coloured frosted effect Cellophane in a large range of colours.
From £13.00 excl tax

Christmas Ribbon - Merry Christmas

A Merry Christmas printed Poly ribbon.
£2.00 excl tax

Corsage Clips

A pack of plastic Corsage Clips.
£8.00 excl tax

Dried Apple Slices

A bag of dried Apple slices in red or green
From £4.00 excl tax

Dried Assorted Fruit

A bag of dried assorted Fruit.
£4.50 excl tax

Dried Lemon Slices

A bag of dried Lemon slices.
£4.00 excl tax

Dried Mini Pumpkins

A bag of dried mini Pumpkins.
£4.50 excl tax

Dried Star Anise

A pack of dried Star Anise.
£4.50 excl tax

Dried Whole Limes

A pack of dried whole Limes.
£4.00 excl tax

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