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Aluminium Wire

A pack of 2mm coloured aluminium wire in a range of colours.
From £3.00 excl tax

Anchor Tape

A reel of Anchor Tape.
From £1.55 excl tax


A reel of paper covered bind wire.
From £6.75 excl tax

Blue Annealed Mossing Reel Wire

A box of blue annealed mossing reel wire.
£4.00 excl tax

Bouquet Stand

A metal bouquet holder stand.
£17.50 excl tax

Bulb Bowl Green

A pack of plastic green bulb bowls.
From £3.00 excl tax

Bullion Wire 25g

A 25g coloured bullion wire reel.
From £1.25 excl tax

Candle Holders

A pack of green Candle Holders in a range of colours.
From £1.50 excl tax

Carrier Bag

A pack of 100 every day economy bags.
£2.10 excl tax

Cellophane - White Dot

A roll of White Dotted patterned cellophane.
£13.00 excl tax

Clear Floral Card Envelopes

A pack of clear floral card Envelopes.
From £1.50 excl tax

Clear Pot Tape

A clear reel of clear floristy Pot Tape.
£2.00 excl tax


A pack of Compote bowls.
From £3.00 excl tax

Connector Set

A Connector set for lettered frames.
£2.25 excl tax

Consumer Rolls Clear Cellophane

A range of consumer clear Cellophane rolls in a smaller roll.
From £2.75 excl tax

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